Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 BAH Rates Fort Knox Kentucky

Fort Knox Kentucky BAH Rates for 2012 have been released and they're pretty sweet compared to 2011. Soldiers with dependents had an average increase of 5.5% and those without dependents are up about 6.6%. E4 and below saw the biggest increase, averaging about 8% while E5 with dependents got a little over 10%.

When you get a mortgage for a home near Fort Knox, your BAH goes pretty far since rates are so amazingly low right now (around 3.75%).

It's very cool to see how the BAH rates have changed for the Fort Knox area. We have history as far back as 1998 for each pay grade. For example an E6 (with dependents) received just $536 in 1998 and receives $1,254 for 2012.