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BiteSize Catering: Fun In Bite Sized Food And More

Skewered Fruits On Stick
When you talk with Kristy, caterer of BiteSize Catering, you will feel right at home. And when you feel right at home, you'll want food that tastes like it came from a secret recipe that has been passed down for several generations. Good food and good times go hand in hand so if it’s catering that you need for your next event, be it a family gathering or an event (big or small), think of BiteSize Catering.

BiteSize Catering has been around since 2011 but they've already become a crowd favorite. Their best sellers like the macaroni and cheese cupcakes, warm turkey sandwiches, chipotle burgers, and their wide array of grilled meats are often gobbled up with gusto as soon as they are laid out on the table. Because they are mainly a catering business, Kristy works closely with her customers to customize what they want to have at their event.
"I find out what people like then create a menu they'll love."
It is because of this that BiteSize Catering has no specific menu. She wants to make sure that customers are treated like royalty and will be able to express themselves when they decide what food they want at their event. She also offers highly sought-after dishes like their pulled pork, burgers, and warm sandwiches because it is cheaper for the customer. Not only is she concerned with her customer's best interest, she makes sure that each dish arrives on location still piping hot.
Fried pizza from BiteSize Catering
Kristy had to obtain certifications and get qualified by the Lincoln Trail Health Department and the state of Kentucky before starting BiteSize Catering. We can rest assured that dishes from BiteSize Catering have undergone strict quality control before reaching our plates.

Kristy enjoys meeting new people and loves food. Business this year has been even better than last year and they're being asked to participate in several events. They have events already booked so make sure that you contact BiteSize Catering right away to have your Elizabethtown event or party catered. With nowhere to go but up, BiteSize Catering is sure to warm everyone's hearts and tummies since good food goes hand in hand with good company.
"Ultimately I would like to have a fixed location and still bring my little trailer to festivals and events."
You can reach BiteSize Catering at 502-554-5592 or Be sure to check out BiteSize Catering on Facebook.

BiteSize Catering will travel to your event and bring the kitchen to you. Some of the areas served are Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Fort Knox, Vine Grove, Rineyville, Hardin County, and Meade County. Call or email to see if they serve your area.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green Living In Hardin County, KY

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With gas prices always on the rise, electrical, and home living expenses always seem to follow, too. This has caused many homeowners and renters alike to be more mindful of their daily expenses and even the way they use up energy. Energy used is money spent. It could be for a good cause such as lighting a dark hallway, in the basement, or it could be wasteful like leaving the television turned on while you are asleep. These days, we all have to be aware of what we are actually spending because we all want to have some form of savings in our bank accounts and still be able to live a comfortable lifestyle. That is why it is always a good idea to keep things always in check when we do some spending or even turning on a light switch. Now, how does this tie up when looking to buy a house and lot near Fort Knox, KY? Actually, it means a whole lot! The house that you are planning to buy should be able to help you in some way and even make it an enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to look into when looking for a house for sale near Fort Knox, KY.

Windows Help Save Electricity 
Bird watching while taking a bath? Possible with this one! Check this property out at
Letting the natural sunlight in your house is one of the best ways to help lower the lighting you will need in your house. During summer and spring months, the sunlight that goes in your house helps light up the household thus lowering the need to turn a light on. Already, this can spell big savings in your total electricity consumption.
When buying a house and lot near Fort Knox, KY, check to make sure each room has a good-sized window especially in areas such as dining, living, and if available, a big floor-to-ceiling window in places such as staircases and even hallways. Each bedroom should also receive plenty of sunlight from a window as this will also help with ventilation and keep everything fresh and healthy.

Is The HVAC Updated? 
Most houses have an HVAC installed and if this is the case with the house you are looking to buy near Fort Knox, KY, then be sure that it is updated, recently repaired, or if possible, brand new. Check with the seller when the last time it was checked for maintenance so that you will have an idea when the next check for it will be. A faulty HVAC system can send you back thousands of dollars in repairs so if you can negotiate with the seller if there is a problem, all the much better then.

Keeping The Wires And Cables In Check 

All our houses have some form of electric wiring running through it, check the house you are buying that each room has at least one outlet or two and that it is working properly. You can bring a certified electrician with you when house hunting or scheduling an appointment on a house so that they can inspect the wiring of the property. The outlet in each room is a good rule because you do not want to be running extension cords throughout the house because a particular room did not have an electric outlet.

Keeping The House Free From Dirt And Dust 
The weather may not always be the best and each day brings with it a good amount of dust that will enter in any household. So, with that in mind, visualize yourself cleaning the house you are looking to buy and see if clean ups will not be a hard chore.

All these are just a few tips to keep in mind when you are looking for houses for sale in Hardin County or in nearby areas. Also, make sure to partner with a real estate company who has a good knowledge on the area because they will be the ones to help you in your decision and give you other choices and share additional tips when buying a house and lot. is one real estate business that has listings that you might fancy. Check them out here.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Family As Your Realtor… Is It Really Worth It?

With the recent boom in houses for sale, the real estate industry has gotten a lot of people shifting careers to try their luck in this exciting field. Not only will you be able to make your own hours, most real estate companies are able to give their Realtors the freedom they need as long as they are making sales, closing deals, or getting new listings. This may also mean that you might know a few friends in the real estate business or even have a family or relative working for a real estate company. But, when it comes to choosing a Realtor to represent you, should you choose a family member or relative or go with someone you have no connection with? It is a really tough decision to make but let’s weigh our options to see if you should or should not have a family member be your Realtor.

Will This Transaction Affect Your Friendship?
Many house buyers or sellers are torn when making the decision because they do not know if choosing their friend or relative to be their Realtor will affect their relationship if things do not go as planned. Of course, if things work out then that would be positive and maybe you'll have a stronger relationship with your relative or friend. But, what if you disagree with them or your relative/friend/Realtor is really not the same person during his "professional" hours? This could backfire and may cause a rift in your relationship with them. On the average, several people choose not to get family or friends to be their Realtor simply because of the fact that "business and family do not mix" (just like oil and water).

This is a Major Financial Decision, Trust Your Gut
If you are really having a tough time making this decision, keep in mind that, in the end, it's your choice to make and it's a huge financial decision. You will always have the last say at what price range you are willing to buy or sell your home. Remember that your Realtor, whether family or not, SHOULD always disclose all the information you need regarding a property and should have your best interest at the forefront. Here are some thoughts: 
  •  The purchase of a house is the biggest investment most people will make in their entire lives so it is really important that you have made the best decision.
  • You have every right to ask about their background in the real estate industry because it will be your money or house on the line here. You need someone with a proven track record and that just might not be your Aunt Edna

Choosing Your Realtor

  • Be honest with your friend/relative if you do not choose him/her as your Realtor. After all, you're trying to keep a valuable relationship. Give this analogy: "If I were a financial money manager but didn't have a ton of experience just yet, would you be comfortable handing over your large retirement account and telling me to have at it?".
  • Sometimes it is best to use a Realtor from a real estate company with a solid track record. At least, this will be a strictly-business relationship and you may even gain a friend if all goesas planned.
         Also, whether relative, friend, or not, be sure your Realtor is a competent one. They should be versed in laws, processes, paperwork, and of course be helpful in all areas related to the purchase or the selling of the house.

Deciding On What Feels Right
As humans, we are all capable of having that “gut feeling” so if choosing your friend/relative as your Realtor feels right and you know that everything will go smoothly, then by all means, go with your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, then it's best to stick with a Realtor that you have no connection whatsoever. has some of the best licensed Realtors in the Fort Knox, KY area. Set up an appointment with any one of them hereif you live in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky area.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fort Knox Commander Maj. Gen. Jeff Smith Scheduled To Host A Town Hall

This event is open to the general public.
When: 1pm, July 30, 2013
Where: Hardin County Schools PAC in Elizabethtown
(PAC is located at 384 W.A. Jenkins Road)

OneKnox Facebook Page

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When Really Is The Best Time To Buy A House?

This beautiful house is available to home buyers. Check the full details out at
With half of the year already behind us, many of us are already homeowners, renters, or still looking for “the” house to call our own. But, with so many news coming out that 2013 is the year to buy a house, families who have no plans of buying a house yet are now pressured to jump and ride the bandwagon just to get the best deals in terms of housing costs, monthly payments, and banks being more relaxed when approving housing loans. These families may sometimes find themselves in a trap and feel overwhelmed with all the payments needed in order to buy their chosen house. But, worry not, there are actually a lot of houses for sale especially in the houses for sale near the Fort Knox area. Here are some tips to calm your nerves down and make sure that buying a house need not be a time of headaches and worries.

  • Interest Rates Are Still At An All Time Low 

Even if the interest rates have slightly increased this year, according to Freddie Mac, interest rates offered by banks across the state are still experiencing an all-time low. In fact, this is a good indication that maybe, this year is the year to actually buy a house even if you have never really thought of it before.

  • Realtors Are More Versatile Now Than Ever 

Not just someone to talk to when looking at a house, getting a qualified and professional Realtor in the Fort Knox area is the best person to ask when it comes to any real estate questions you may have. A lot of these Realtors have extensive knowledge of the area and will be able to give you listings that match your budget, whatever amount that may be. Make sure to partner with an equally competitive real estate company in the area such as so that you know that you will be getting the most for your hard-earned money.

  • Keep A Healthy Amount Of Money In Your Bank Account 

Aside from knowing that buying a house will be one of your biggest purchases ever, you must also be aware that having a healthy sized amount of savings in your bank account will make it easier for banks to approve of your housing loan.

  • Is Buying A House Really What You Need? 

Sometimes, people get swayed too easily with all the advertisements and get succumbed to purchasing a house too soon when you and your family are not really that ready yet. Make sure to have a serious conversation with your partner and loved ones if “now” is the best time to buy that house, too.

Owning your own house is definitely one way to secure your family’s future and to make sure that your money is going to a good use as well. Check out listings with to see all the houses available for sale in the Fort Knox area.

Monday, July 15, 2013

More Than A Realtor... That's Tara Still of

It doesn't take more than a few minutes to figure out why Ms. Tara Still is successful and good at what she does as a Realtor. Everything that she says is something to be admired and pondered over. As a real estate agent with, she knows how precious time is for everyone; so she makes sure that all her clients' needs are met at all times or she simply will not be content.

When asked how long she has been working with, she will proudly say three years, but the words of wisdom and expertise she shares, will almost seem like you are talking with someone who has been in the real estate business for decades. For Ms. Tara, you can easily tell that she really adores her career because of the way she talks about it so positively. She doesn't find the job hard at all even though there are about 350 agents in the area. She has stayed busy since she started with the real estate business and there are no plans of her slowing down anytime soon.

As with all things in life, there will be some hindrances and obstacles to overcome and the field of real estate is not spared. For Ms Tara, she says,
 “The banks and the banking laws these days are definitely challenging…they change a lot. Lenders are very specific on different things they need so; I think that’s the biggest challenge. ...that everything is going smoothly.“

Being a self-confessed people person, she blankly points out that she has been blessed with never facing a hard customer or client in the past. “If you make people difficult to deal with and you think they are difficult to deal with, then they just are.” She just makes sure that the buyers’ best interests are always met. The trick, according to Ms. Tara is to figure out the needs and wants of buyers and to understand that they want someone who will try to get them a good deal.
She gets a majority of her listings from friends and through referrals and always keeps a look out for new homes on the market. She knows a lot of people in the community so 9 out of 10 times, she is recommended to her home sellers. She does not lead her clients to just her listings and always understands that it is always up to the buyer which house they want.

The best part of being a Realtor, according to Ms. Tara is that she owns her time and that she can choose when she wants to be busy or to slow down. This is a plus because a few months down the road, she and her husband will be adopting a baby and she is hiring an assistant to help when those “mommy” moments occur.

For aspiring realtors, Ms. Tara just calmly says to, “trust in God really, that’s the biggest thing, have their faith, whatever their faith is…and if they believe that God is leading them to do that and He is opening doors for them, then they should enter into it… So as long as you trust God and you know what God wants…that’s the biggest recommendation I can give…”
When asked if her career did not enter the real estate world, she proudly shares that she would be in interior decorating.

Ms. Tara Still is definitely a big asset to but she is also very thankful for the world of opportunities that has happened to her since being with the company. The company has a massive internet presence and many of her buyers find her through the website.

To see Elizabethtown KY real estate for sale, visit Tara Still can be contacted directly at 270-268-3848.
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