Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fort Knox 2013 U.S. Army Soldier Show

The U.S. Army Soldier Show, proudly presented by the Installation Management Command and Family and MWR, is back with its best production yet. The state is set for 22 Soldiers from across the country to entertain the Nation with a 75 minute song and dance production themed "Ready and Resilient." Admission is FREE

Fort Knox July 16th at Waybur Theater. Doors open at 6:15pm and the show starts at 7pm.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

AfterThought: What The Rising Interest Rates May Mean To House Buyers

In the past five years, the housing market in Hardin County, KY and surrounding areas has had a healthy share of house hunters that eventually became home owners and sellers who were happy to sell their homes to prospective home buyers. But, with the newly announced increase in the mortgage interest rates for new mortgages and refinancing, this news may leave potential first time home buyers something to think about. Don’t let this frighten you because it may not really mean much especially if the house of your dreams is just a few documents away. There are ways to afford that house you really want around the Elizabethtown and Fort Knox, KY area.

As you can see, interest rates are still amazingly low compared to historical averages.

As an example, for a house worth $145,000, here is the side-by-side comparison on the payment difference that you will see. This is for a 30year mortgage using the mortgage calculator for the Elizabethtown, KY area.

$831.94/monthly payments @ 4% interest

$770.73/monthly payments at 3.25% interest
As you can see, the difference is not much, so this really shouldn't scare anyone. Now is still the best time to buy a house while these interest rates are still "friendly" on the wallet.

Start Saving Money Now 

One of the biggest mistakes most would-be home buyers make is when they jump in and buy a house without a solid plan of their cash flow. Before you set out and decide to become a home owner, before you even make that first call with an Elizabethtown, KY Realtor, you must have a sit down by yourself and with your significant other (if you have one) to see how much you can really afford with monthly payments and other payments that come along with buying a house. See how much money you and your significant other are making and how much you both are willing to pitch in to make the dream come true. Above all, even if as newlyweds or starting out in your career, you should already try to start a financial portfolio and build a good credit history so that it will become easier to get approved for a mortgage with the bank of your choice.

Try To Find Additional Income 

These days, even if you are making a comfortable living, you should always try to find another source of income to have more money coming and as well as more security. The more cash in hand you can get, the better. If you can squeeze in more hours while you're still able, then go ahead and do that. Your partner may also find additional income through online means or even selling something online or through Craigslist. A stable income is a good sign that you and your partner are both ready to get the home of your dreams.

Be Realistic With Your Choice Of House 

Beautiful lobby of house for sale. Check it out at 
Everyone can dream about owning a mansion the size of a castle if they want to but when it all comes down to it, a good sized home just perfect for your family and is more than enough. If you get a house that you can easily afford, this will allow you to afford other luxuries in life without compromising money for monthly amortizations. Or, you can use the additional money you saved for a new business venture or even financial investments.

Banks Will Always Have Interest Rates 

Always remember that loans will always have interest rates and it is up to you and your partner to find the best bank that will offer the best rate. If you partner with a wonderful Elizabethtown KY Realtor, they might even be able to point you to the best bank in the area that will have great rates. One prime example of a real estate company in  Hardin County and beyond is and their listings include additional information that most other real estate companies do not have. Check their listings out and speak with an Elizabethtown Realtor of some house choices that you find perfect for your family.

Remember, when there is a will; there is always a way… 
Good luck with your house hunting this season. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Barry Carr - A Realtor With A Heart of Gold For Hearts of Hope

There are not a lot of people who get so moved by just reading an article in a newspaper to actually reach out and devote their time to make a change; but change he did and change is what he wants to happen with the homeless citizens in Hardin County. This is Mr. Barry Carr, a Hardin County Realtor and a man of gold when it comes to sharing his knowledge and time at Hearts of Hope, a non-profit organization that aims to help out the homeless citizens of Hardin County, Kentucky. He helps out Hearts of Hope by contacting businesses in hopes that they will have the heart to pledge some help. Being an expert in real estate, he also shares his knowledge with the construction.

Homeless Situation in Hardin County

According to Mr. Carr, since the community of Hardin County is quite small, the problem is “really bad, it’s a very small community so having 40-50 homeless citizens is already bad. The homeless are sleeping in sheds in front of Lowe's and Home Depot.” This is a sad fact that many citizens are facing right now and hopefully when the construction of the shelter gets finished, it will be able to provide temporary housing and a chance to help the citizens find work and an address to put on their job applications so that they will be contacted by potential employers. Hardin County is experiencing fair weather lately but once winter rolls around, it will be very hard for the homeless as conditions can get pretty harsh. Once Hearts of Hope finishes the homeless shelter, it could be a totally different story for the homeless since they will be able to find comfort inside the shelter.

The Promise in Hearts of Hope

With only a handful of volunteers to keep the operations and construction in full swing, Hearts of Hope wishes to appeal to the fortunate citizens of Hardin County and throughout the nation so that the shelter can be on its way to completion. Right now, construction is at 60% so there is still a lot that needs to be done but it can only be finished if everyone finds time to either donate cash, building materials, or their time so that the shelter will be able to house the less fortunate. Hearts of Hope will not only house the homeless but a part of the shelter will be devoted to battered women who have nowhere else to go. Mr. Barry Carr states that because the church is also involved in this shelter, many of its members are already opening up their homes to the homeless and giving these people a fighting chance of a better future.

Hope For The Homeless

When it comes to finding funds, getting people to stand up and donate cash or building materials can be a challenging task especially with how the economy is but this should not be a hindrance because everyone has a soft spot in their hearts and it just needs a little tugging to get the magic out and to reach out to the community. It is definitely not too late to help the homeless and do your share in making everyone live a normal life. For the homeless, Mr. Barry Carr states that, "there definitely is help coming."

Do Your Part To Help The Homeless

In order to make the Hardin Homeless Shelter a “transitional home” for the homeless, they will need all the help that they can get. It doesn't really take much of your time and now is the time to look into Hearts of Hope. Finding an hour or two of your time to help finish building the shelter or even donate a few dollars. You can contact Mr. Barry Carr directly at 270-300-6891 or through the Hearts of Hope. Be sure to click "Like" on the Hearts of Hope Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Salvation Army Building Breathes New Life For The Youth

Salvation Army Building Breathes New Life For The Youth

Buzz around the Louisville, KY area is that the Portland community is looking into breathing new life in the abandoned building that once housed the Salvation Army. Prior to that, it once belonged to the Portland Boys and Girls Club.

This is such welcoming news because plans to make it a safe haven for the youth is really buzzing around town. What's also even better news is that it has already gained the support of major developer in Louisville, KY.

Plans to make it a development center for the youth and anyone who needs a little help in any training or skills area is also making rounds so it is all good news from here.

The proposed youth center will be named after Andy Maupin, a man who devoted over 20 years in helping the youth but sadly passed away from a work-related accident. It will be called Andy Maupin Youth Development Center.

There is still no news when rehabilitation of the building will begin but there should be no rush as summer is just rolling around these days.

The Portland neighborhood group has already sent in their proposals to the Salvation Army but there is still no news from their end. Let us all hope for the best as this youth center is only aimed at helping the youth with the best in getting them off to a wonderful future.

Salvation Army building Louisville
Andy Maupin Youth Development Center
Louisville local news

Monday, June 3, 2013

Elizabethtown Nature Park and Veterans Tribute: A Place Every Citizen Must Visit

Gently nested on rolling hills, a recently constructed tribute called the Hardin County Veterans Tribute stands proudly against the beautiful background of Elizabethtown Nature Park, one of the largest in Kentucky at 104- acres of beautiful landscapes that is perfect for anyone to come visit and enjoy what nature has to offer.

The Elizabethtown Nature Park is located at 1900 Ring Road East and you and your family will easily find yourselves lost in this behemoth of a place. You can enjoy all the beauty that surrounds it with Freeman Lake that falls as a backdrop to this surreal place while Freeman Creek wanders in and out of your sight as well.  Do not underestimate what you can do here because it has a trail that you can follow and immerse yourself in nature and learn about history at the same time.

Once you get yourself acquainted with the stunningly beautiful landscapes found all over Elizabethtown Nature Park, you will soon catch a glimpse of Hardin County’s Tribute to the veterans who have served the country. This is the Hardin County Veterans Tribute. This dazzling structure that beckons out to anyone walking past it will have you mesmerized for a few minutes at its marvelous structure. The five pointed star that acts as its ground, shapely magnifies the five pillars of the military and each one has a short written memorial thanking each servicemen who have bravely given up their lives in dedication of service to the country.

See, not many people know that Elizabethtown, located in the heart of Hardin County, had a huge impact to the nation’s history as well. It is this honor and pride that all residents of Kentucky share because their forefathers and grandmothers somehow had a role in the fearless and wondrous shaping of the country that makes the United States of America – the best in the world.

The Hardin County Veterans Tribute can be easily accessed from inside the Elizabethtown Nature Park. Rick Griendling, the one responsible for the design of this magnificent structure, is also known for designing and sculpting other memorials in Kentucky and has been directly working in structures for over 35 years.

The five pillars of the Hardin County Veterans Tribute stand for the five branches of the military; the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The center of the star also commemorates all the civilians who bravely helped each military men and women who heroically stood up with courage and fought for the nation.

Hardin County may seem like a fairly quiet location to most but it is actually a very vital area in our country that everyone should take notice and even pay tribute to because during the early years, it helped shape the country and it is to this we owe so much to Kentucky for making United States of America shine brightly and stand proud worldwide.

Make the effort today or soon to visit the Elizabethtown Nature Park and also the Hardin County Veterans Tribute to show respect to all our fellow servicemen who have courageously stood by and help keep each citizen safe from harm. If you're considering a move, consider the great deals and low taxes Elizabethtown, KY real estate has to offer.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 Tips To Getting The House You Want

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Trying to close on a house that is just a bit out of your price range can be really hard especially if it is the house you really want and there is no other house that will just do. Now, don’t fret just because the price is scaring you. There are a few things that you can do and some of these are just tricks of the trade most Realtors and house sellers do not want you to know. But now, you can learn these and use them today when you go house hunting or are making an offer.

1. Be honest with how much you can really spend on a house. Do not go over budget because the monthly payments will just bite you month after month and suddenly you may be left with no money for your other activities and daily expenses. Housing (renting or buying) is a large part of your monthly budget but buying is one of the best choices for financial security for you and your family.

2. If you and/or your spouse work on Fort Knox, will you want to be positioned as close to the post as possible? This is especially helpful so there's not too much travel time and you get to spend more time with each other when you have time off.

3. Inspect the house carefully to see if there are things that need repair so that you can bargain for a lower price if possible. Many sellers these days are willing to shave off a couple thousand dollars to avoid making repairs. You may even be able to receive a check at closing for the repairs (if allowed by your mortgage company). Be sure to hire a good Elizabethtown, KY home inspector who will go over everything about the house with you.

4. Be realistic. Most people will spend more than they actually want to just to get that house. If the house is really at a price that you cannot afford, there are probably a few houses that are within your budget. Check them out instead.

5. Try to get pre-approved first. Call a few banks or go online to see how much you qualify for. Then subtract 20% from that amount and just choose houses within this bracket. This way, you can be sure that you will not find your pockets and bank accounts empty and will still be able to afford the monthly payments.

There, these tricks and tips will definitely help you find the house that is within your budget. Buying a house is definitely one ride that you will never forget and once payments are done, you can be sure that you will smile knowing that you can sleep in your own house.

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