Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Barry Carr - A Realtor With A Heart of Gold For Hearts of Hope

There are not a lot of people who get so moved by just reading an article in a newspaper to actually reach out and devote their time to make a change; but change he did and change is what he wants to happen with the homeless citizens in Hardin County. This is Mr. Barry Carr, a Hardin County Realtor and a man of gold when it comes to sharing his knowledge and time at Hearts of Hope, a non-profit organization that aims to help out the homeless citizens of Hardin County, Kentucky. He helps out Hearts of Hope by contacting businesses in hopes that they will have the heart to pledge some help. Being an expert in real estate, he also shares his knowledge with the construction.

Homeless Situation in Hardin County

According to Mr. Carr, since the community of Hardin County is quite small, the problem is “really bad, it’s a very small community so having 40-50 homeless citizens is already bad. The homeless are sleeping in sheds in front of Lowe's and Home Depot.” This is a sad fact that many citizens are facing right now and hopefully when the construction of the shelter gets finished, it will be able to provide temporary housing and a chance to help the citizens find work and an address to put on their job applications so that they will be contacted by potential employers. Hardin County is experiencing fair weather lately but once winter rolls around, it will be very hard for the homeless as conditions can get pretty harsh. Once Hearts of Hope finishes the homeless shelter, it could be a totally different story for the homeless since they will be able to find comfort inside the shelter.

The Promise in Hearts of Hope

With only a handful of volunteers to keep the operations and construction in full swing, Hearts of Hope wishes to appeal to the fortunate citizens of Hardin County and throughout the nation so that the shelter can be on its way to completion. Right now, construction is at 60% so there is still a lot that needs to be done but it can only be finished if everyone finds time to either donate cash, building materials, or their time so that the shelter will be able to house the less fortunate. Hearts of Hope will not only house the homeless but a part of the shelter will be devoted to battered women who have nowhere else to go. Mr. Barry Carr states that because the church is also involved in this shelter, many of its members are already opening up their homes to the homeless and giving these people a fighting chance of a better future.

Hope For The Homeless

When it comes to finding funds, getting people to stand up and donate cash or building materials can be a challenging task especially with how the economy is but this should not be a hindrance because everyone has a soft spot in their hearts and it just needs a little tugging to get the magic out and to reach out to the community. It is definitely not too late to help the homeless and do your share in making everyone live a normal life. For the homeless, Mr. Barry Carr states that, "there definitely is help coming."

Do Your Part To Help The Homeless

In order to make the Hardin Homeless Shelter a “transitional home” for the homeless, they will need all the help that they can get. It doesn't really take much of your time and now is the time to look into Hearts of Hope. Finding an hour or two of your time to help finish building the shelter or even donate a few dollars. You can contact Mr. Barry Carr directly at 270-300-6891 or through the Hearts of Hope. Be sure to click "Like" on the Hearts of Hope Facebook page.

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