Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Salvation Army Building Breathes New Life For The Youth

Salvation Army Building Breathes New Life For The Youth

Buzz around the Louisville, KY area is that the Portland community is looking into breathing new life in the abandoned building that once housed the Salvation Army. Prior to that, it once belonged to the Portland Boys and Girls Club.

This is such welcoming news because plans to make it a safe haven for the youth is really buzzing around town. What's also even better news is that it has already gained the support of major developer in Louisville, KY.

Plans to make it a development center for the youth and anyone who needs a little help in any training or skills area is also making rounds so it is all good news from here.

The proposed youth center will be named after Andy Maupin, a man who devoted over 20 years in helping the youth but sadly passed away from a work-related accident. It will be called Andy Maupin Youth Development Center.

There is still no news when rehabilitation of the building will begin but there should be no rush as summer is just rolling around these days.

The Portland neighborhood group has already sent in their proposals to the Salvation Army but there is still no news from their end. Let us all hope for the best as this youth center is only aimed at helping the youth with the best in getting them off to a wonderful future.

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