Monday, June 3, 2013

Elizabethtown Nature Park and Veterans Tribute: A Place Every Citizen Must Visit

Gently nested on rolling hills, a recently constructed tribute called the Hardin County Veterans Tribute stands proudly against the beautiful background of Elizabethtown Nature Park, one of the largest in Kentucky at 104- acres of beautiful landscapes that is perfect for anyone to come visit and enjoy what nature has to offer.

The Elizabethtown Nature Park is located at 1900 Ring Road East and you and your family will easily find yourselves lost in this behemoth of a place. You can enjoy all the beauty that surrounds it with Freeman Lake that falls as a backdrop to this surreal place while Freeman Creek wanders in and out of your sight as well.  Do not underestimate what you can do here because it has a trail that you can follow and immerse yourself in nature and learn about history at the same time.

Once you get yourself acquainted with the stunningly beautiful landscapes found all over Elizabethtown Nature Park, you will soon catch a glimpse of Hardin County’s Tribute to the veterans who have served the country. This is the Hardin County Veterans Tribute. This dazzling structure that beckons out to anyone walking past it will have you mesmerized for a few minutes at its marvelous structure. The five pointed star that acts as its ground, shapely magnifies the five pillars of the military and each one has a short written memorial thanking each servicemen who have bravely given up their lives in dedication of service to the country.

See, not many people know that Elizabethtown, located in the heart of Hardin County, had a huge impact to the nation’s history as well. It is this honor and pride that all residents of Kentucky share because their forefathers and grandmothers somehow had a role in the fearless and wondrous shaping of the country that makes the United States of America – the best in the world.

The Hardin County Veterans Tribute can be easily accessed from inside the Elizabethtown Nature Park. Rick Griendling, the one responsible for the design of this magnificent structure, is also known for designing and sculpting other memorials in Kentucky and has been directly working in structures for over 35 years.

The five pillars of the Hardin County Veterans Tribute stand for the five branches of the military; the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The center of the star also commemorates all the civilians who bravely helped each military men and women who heroically stood up with courage and fought for the nation.

Hardin County may seem like a fairly quiet location to most but it is actually a very vital area in our country that everyone should take notice and even pay tribute to because during the early years, it helped shape the country and it is to this we owe so much to Kentucky for making United States of America shine brightly and stand proud worldwide.

Make the effort today or soon to visit the Elizabethtown Nature Park and also the Hardin County Veterans Tribute to show respect to all our fellow servicemen who have courageously stood by and help keep each citizen safe from harm. If you're considering a move, consider the great deals and low taxes Elizabethtown, KY real estate has to offer.


casey probus said...

Do they rent this out for small weddings?

Jason Deppen said...

I'm not too sure. You can try checking with them on their Facebook page