Friday, October 25, 2013

Finding Adventure As A Realtor In Hardin County, KY: Shirley Carr

With a ready smile and words of wisdom to share, Shirley Carr, a Realtor with, is definitely someone you will not forget. Having agreed to do the interview at such short notice, it is no wonder she is well loved by her family.

Shirley started out her Real Estate career after retiring from over 35 years of teaching at Fort Knox schools. From the way she eloquently speaks, one can easily tell she has great patience and understanding. Aside from volunteering her time with Hearts of Hope she decided selling homes with her husband, Barry Carr, who is also a Real Estate agent with was the right move after retiring. She gets a lot of advice and pointers from him and finds that working alongside each other is really wonderful. “Working with Barry is awesome; especially when I first started out because he had already been an agent for a while so he could easily help me. He does what he’s best at and I do what I'm best at. We bounce ideas off each other for strategy, for advice, and anything else, and it’s really great that we work together selling homes near Elizabethtown KY.”  

When asked about some of the challenges she faces as a Realtor, she quips that people are still trying to comprehend her being a Realtor, and not a teacher. She admits that prior to becoming a Realtor, she had never sold anything. She has already come to the realization that being a Realtor is not really a job.

Really knowing what homes are on the market and keeping up with that... realizing that you are trying to help clients find a house that they want. At first I was really nervous, and I thought that I couldn't really sell anything, I don't know anything about this, but, it’s not about selling something, it’s more about helping people find what they are looking for.
Shirley is proud to say that working with has been one of the best things ever. “We are so up to date and modern [with regard to marketing homes on the internet and using technology] that I believe we're ahead of everybody else.”

When asked about the local Fort Knox and Hardin County real estate market, Shirley says that, “Lately it’s been fairly slow; I haven’t sold many houses during the government shutdown. But, things are starting to flow again and picking up. We're seeing more activity than in the past."

For any aspiring Realtors or those who wish to get into the real estate business, Shirley shares:
The important traits are honesty, hard work, and being outgoing. Really listen to your clients and understand what it is they want and are looking for; what they're saying to you, so you can attend to their needs right away.

Because of technology, Shirley has also closed deals with people who have purchased a home near Elizabethtown without physically being there. She managed to do all the leg work, like providing tons of home photos. She becomes friends with many clients. "I have been blessed that people I have worked with have also become my friends and part of the family.”

When not busy showing homes or helping her clients find the house of their dreams, Shirley spends time with her granddaughter. She also finds time to volunteer at her granddaughter’s preschool. While volunteering, she likes to spread the word about Elizabethtown houses for sale to anyone who might interested in buying. With a busy lifestyle, Shirley is definitely keeping her schedule jam-packed.

There are more testimonials listed on her real estate agent profile page. Shirley can be contacted directly at 270-300-8444 or at should you wish to work with her in finding that dream house of yours or simply have real estate questions.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Adobes Mexican Restaurant - Serving Up Authentic Mexican Dishes Daily

 “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”  - George Bernard Shaw

Food is an important part of life, we need it to survive. Man cannot survive on just one kind food. Yes, a majority of us love our mashed potatoes, bagels, pizzas, and pastas but if  we want to make our lives more exciting, we have to try new things. We need to try different cuisines to awaken our taste buds. The good thing about the Fort Knox, KY area is that you do not have to travel far to have a taste of world cuisines. There are several different types of restaurants in Radcliff and Hardin County that serve really exciting Mexican food. Today, we take a look at a newly opened Radcliff restaurant called Adobes Mexican Restaurant, it tastes as good as it sounds.

Having just had their grand opening last month, Adobes Mexican Restaurant already has loyal customers who keep coming back for their authentic Mexican dishes. This family-run restaurant lives up to its name, serving high quality meals to their customers. The owner, Emeterio Reyes, says:
We make everything fresh always… a lot of people order fajitas, chimichangas, and grilled chicken. We have a variety of dishes.
When asked where Adobes Mexican Restaurant sources its ingredients, Emeterio proudly says that, “We get our supplies from food distributors and small time businesses. We buy from big corporations as little as possible. “

Do not be frightened by the amazing number of items on their menu because Emeterio guarantees that their prices are really affordable. He states that the dishes are all pocket friendly with prices ranging from $5.99 to $8.99.

The majority of customers are usually a younger crowd and families who can always be seen happily dining at Adobes Mexican Restaurant. They do offer discounts to military families and the fire department. Aside from that, you can easily catch Emeterio himself manning the restaurant and making sure that everything is running smoothly.

When you want to check out something new in the restaurant scene, consider Mexican food and don't forget to visit Adobes Mexican Restaurant where you will always be treated like family and your dishes are made with fresh ingredients. Adobes Mexican Restaurant is the place to go if you are feeling hungry and want great food at a great price. The crowd will always be welcomed as they happily dine on Mexican specialties that only Adobes Mexican Restaurant can deliver.

Proud owner, Emeterio Reyes, assures all his customers that they will definitely enjoy their Mexican cuisine experience and will keep coming back for more. Adobes Mexican Restaurant is open daily from 11:00am till 9:30pm. Go ahead and indulge. This is real Mexican cuisine you need to experience.

Be sure to visit Adobes Mexican Restaurant on Facebook and don't forget to click "LIKE" to get the latest news and promotions they are offering. Give them a call at 270-351-4200. They are located at 593 W. Lincoln Trail Blvd., Radcliff, KY 40160.

Monday, October 14, 2013

What You Need To Know About Closing Costs

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Many home buyers fear being rejected when applying for a mortgage because it could mean they will not be able to continue with the home buying process. Aside from the fear of rejection from the bank, there is also the fear of high closing costs. In this article we will break it down into sections so that you can have a clearer picture of these fees. These figures are just an example, for a more detailed explanation, it would be best to contact a mortgage loan officer near Fort Knox.

The following example is for the Ft Knox Kentucky area:
Average origination fees charged by lenders: $470
Average third party fees charged by lenders: $1506
Average origination plus third party fees: $1976

Let’s say you find a house for $250,000, you will apply for a $200,000 mortgage at the bank (downpayment of 20%) the estimated closing costs are $1976. Now, let’s break this down so you will have a better idea of what this means.

The originating fees usually have in them the following:

  • Origination points (typically $0 in the Ft Knox area)
  • Application Fees
  • Document preparation
  • Broker, originator or lender
  • Processing Fee
  • Tax service Fees
  • Underwriting
  • Flood Certification Fee

The costs for the above will change but they are all pertinent and vital to the house-buying process.

The origination points are fees or a percentage that you pay to purchase a lower rate. The application fee is what you pay the bank when you are filling out your loan. The documentation fee is what you pay the bank to handle your loan application in a timely manner. The broker / originator / lender fee (which is not customary in our area) is 1-2.5% of the total amount loaned as compensation for services provided. The underwriting fee is the amount collected from you by the bank for their underwriters. The tax service fee is a one time fee to set a service that ensures the property taxes are paid on the property. Flood Certification is a one time fee to check the property against flood maps to ensure that the property is adequately covered by insurance if it is found to be in a flood plain. Make sure you talk with the mortgage lender you are working with so you have an idea of what you are paying for.

These are the third-party fees you will pay (they are still part of the total closing costs).

  • Appraisal
  • Attorney, closing or settlement
  • Credit report
  • Flood certification
  • Employment verification
  • Inspections
  • Postage/courier
  • Survey

Although much lower than the originating fees, these are still a part of the whole amount you pay. The appraisal fee is the amount you pay to the housing loan officer or the mortgage appraiser who will inspect the value of the house. They will take measurements, check out the construction of the house, and will then compare this with other recently sold homes near Fort Knox. Once they get this information, they will be able to give you an appraised value for the home. This value is how the bank decides how much they can loan. There are some good Fort Knox appraisers who will be able to give unbiased and honest opinions of value. The credit report fee, employment verification, inspections, postage, and survey fee are all minimal.

Banks have money to lend as long as customers meet a certain criteria. This is why it is always a good idea to maintain a good credit score and pay off debts before applying for a housing loan. It is also a good idea to build your savings account.

Housing inspectors around Fort Knox, KY are qualified to do inspections in Kentucky; be sure to get a home inspection to have a better chance at finding a good home (investment).

The process of buying a house can sometimes be tedious but with the help of professional Realtors around the Fort Knox, KY area, your house buying process will be a pleasant and exciting time. Good luck with your house search!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

John Taylor - Serving Clients With Perfection In All That He Does

Sounding happy while being professional, John Taylor is a Realtor with that one should not miss. His infectious laugh can make anyone’s gloomy day turn right around. John did not always think he’d be in the business of selling homes but low and behold, he found that this is what makes him happy and he said, “I really enjoy what I do.” 

Being a Realtor has its ups and downs and John shares his challenges:
Helping clients find the right home for their families, assisting in financing, overcoming issues with home inspections and property conditions.
There are hidden blessings with his chosen career path such as “being able to help people find the home of their dreams” and is a big part of that. He also gets a majority of his listings through his referral networking so he finds himself very busy managing these listings and making sure that he is always on top of them.

When dealing with hard clients, John makes sure that he treats the clients as professionally as he can and “tries to give them the customer service that he would expect as well as being polite and patient with them.”  

One question that he answered honestly was that if there was one thing about being in this business he could change, it would be the “consistency of the income.” He does make sure he is on top of his game by drawing inspiration from “people that I admire, trying to do the best in my life, being honest, and being careful.” 

As a resident of Hardin County, he pretty much knows the area like the back of his hand and can give potential home buyers all the much needed information they might ask for and give tips on the best places to dine and have fun with family and friends. 

Realtors face a lot of hardships when they are starting out in their careers. John’s top priority, however, is to always make sure that buyers and sellers alike are informed before going through with the process of buying or selling their houses. The local market in Fort Knox, KY, according to John is pretty stable.
“The local market is pretty consistent. It’s a fairly consistent market with no huge ups or downs but pretty steady… About 40% of my business deals primarily with military families.”
Always welcoming inquiries from buyers, he can quickly grant anyone’s request to tour a house they would like to see on short notice. If not, he makes sure that house tours are scheduled as soon as possible. If he really cannot make it out, he makes sure that he refers the buyers to another realtor that can help them out.

All Realtors have a specialty and John is not spared from this. He believes his magic is in selling residential homes versus commercial or multifamily.

When asked what sets him apart from other Real Estate Agents, he wholeheartedly says that,
 “At, we're all fantastic Realtors, I don't know…[not comparing himself to his fellow agents] I think I do well in my customer service, my honesty, and my ability to explain the entire process to my buyers and/or sellers and still make them feel comfortable and knowledgeable about what’s going on.”
For anyone who wants to get in the field of real estate, John’s advice is, "Be motivated and disciplined. Don't get discouraged too quickly. It takes a while to get good in this business but once you do, it’s really worth it." 

The flexibility of his schedule and the ability to control his income is what motivates John to stay in this business. When asked if he were not in the real estate business, he jokingly admits he'd want to be in movie production and advertising. 

Buying or selling homes on your own can be a really tough task; that is why people like John make sure that all the steps are looked over with the utmost scrutiny and acumen. He makes sure that the entire process is a breeze from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to contact John when you need someone to help you through the process of buying or selling your home. He is one Realtor that you will definitely feel right at home to talk with.

To sum up John in a quote, it would have to be one from Aristotle:
"Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work."
Judging from all his enthusiasm about, he is definitely churning out perfection in all that he does as a Realtor.

John Taylor can be contacted directly thru or at 270-765-934. Also take a look at what John's Fort Knox real estate clients have to say.