Friday, October 25, 2013

Finding Adventure As A Realtor In Hardin County, KY: Shirley Carr

With a ready smile and words of wisdom to share, Shirley Carr, a Realtor with, is definitely someone you will not forget. Having agreed to do the interview at such short notice, it is no wonder she is well loved by her family.

Shirley started out her Real Estate career after retiring from over 35 years of teaching at Fort Knox schools. From the way she eloquently speaks, one can easily tell she has great patience and understanding. Aside from volunteering her time with Hearts of Hope she decided selling homes with her husband, Barry Carr, who is also a Real Estate agent with was the right move after retiring. She gets a lot of advice and pointers from him and finds that working alongside each other is really wonderful. “Working with Barry is awesome; especially when I first started out because he had already been an agent for a while so he could easily help me. He does what he’s best at and I do what I'm best at. We bounce ideas off each other for strategy, for advice, and anything else, and it’s really great that we work together selling homes near Elizabethtown KY.”  

When asked about some of the challenges she faces as a Realtor, she quips that people are still trying to comprehend her being a Realtor, and not a teacher. She admits that prior to becoming a Realtor, she had never sold anything. She has already come to the realization that being a Realtor is not really a job.

Really knowing what homes are on the market and keeping up with that... realizing that you are trying to help clients find a house that they want. At first I was really nervous, and I thought that I couldn't really sell anything, I don't know anything about this, but, it’s not about selling something, it’s more about helping people find what they are looking for.
Shirley is proud to say that working with has been one of the best things ever. “We are so up to date and modern [with regard to marketing homes on the internet and using technology] that I believe we're ahead of everybody else.”

When asked about the local Fort Knox and Hardin County real estate market, Shirley says that, “Lately it’s been fairly slow; I haven’t sold many houses during the government shutdown. But, things are starting to flow again and picking up. We're seeing more activity than in the past."

For any aspiring Realtors or those who wish to get into the real estate business, Shirley shares:
The important traits are honesty, hard work, and being outgoing. Really listen to your clients and understand what it is they want and are looking for; what they're saying to you, so you can attend to their needs right away.

Because of technology, Shirley has also closed deals with people who have purchased a home near Elizabethtown without physically being there. She managed to do all the leg work, like providing tons of home photos. She becomes friends with many clients. "I have been blessed that people I have worked with have also become my friends and part of the family.”

When not busy showing homes or helping her clients find the house of their dreams, Shirley spends time with her granddaughter. She also finds time to volunteer at her granddaughter’s preschool. While volunteering, she likes to spread the word about Elizabethtown houses for sale to anyone who might interested in buying. With a busy lifestyle, Shirley is definitely keeping her schedule jam-packed.

There are more testimonials listed on her real estate agent profile page. Shirley can be contacted directly at 270-300-8444 or at should you wish to work with her in finding that dream house of yours or simply have real estate questions.

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