Monday, November 4, 2013

Buying An Elizabethtown, KY Home During The Holiday Season

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There is a little real estate myth, that during the colder months, sellers are usually more forgiving when it comes to their asking prices and are actually very eager to sell their houses. Of course, that is true for some sellers but not all. Statistically, there are fewer buyers looking to buy homes in Elizabethtown during the holidays. Naturally when supply stays about the same and demand is reduced, sellers can be more flexible. Here are some tips to get you closer to that piece of Elizabethtown KY real estate you have been looking for.

When scheduling home tours during the holiday season, remember to remain flexible. Yes, you want to see the house right away, but, you have to also consider the sellers and their schedules. You should of course find a Realtor near Fort Knox, KY that will be able to make the calls and coordinate the appointments.

During the holiday season, some sellers will not put their houses on the market because they are busy with family activities. Your choice of homes for sale may be somewhat limited. Keep in mind that even if there are only a small number of homes for sale, you may still find the one you are looking for. You will also notice that there may not be much competition for the house you want.

One thing to keep in mind when inspecting a house for sale around Fort Knox, KY area is that the weather may hide some structural defects that will only be seen once the cold season ends and spring rolls around. So, make sure you are well aware of this and discuss it with your Elizabethtown KY home inspector who will be doing the inspection for you.

Check your Elizabethtown mortgage company's holiday hours because you want to be able to get the documents done as soon as possible. Keep in mind that during severe weather conditions your plans may be delayed by a day or two. Also be prepared for  the additional costs you'll incur especially during the gift-buying season.

When buying a house, remember to take your time. Carefully plan out your finances and try not to overspend during the holidays :) Good luck on your house hunt!

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