Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 Tips To Getting The House You Want

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Trying to close on a house that is just a bit out of your price range can be really hard especially if it is the house you really want and there is no other house that will just do. Now, don’t fret just because the price is scaring you. There are a few things that you can do and some of these are just tricks of the trade most Realtors and house sellers do not want you to know. But now, you can learn these and use them today when you go house hunting or are making an offer.

1. Be honest with how much you can really spend on a house. Do not go over budget because the monthly payments will just bite you month after month and suddenly you may be left with no money for your other activities and daily expenses. Housing (renting or buying) is a large part of your monthly budget but buying is one of the best choices for financial security for you and your family.

2. If you and/or your spouse work on Fort Knox, will you want to be positioned as close to the post as possible? This is especially helpful so there's not too much travel time and you get to spend more time with each other when you have time off.

3. Inspect the house carefully to see if there are things that need repair so that you can bargain for a lower price if possible. Many sellers these days are willing to shave off a couple thousand dollars to avoid making repairs. You may even be able to receive a check at closing for the repairs (if allowed by your mortgage company). Be sure to hire a good Elizabethtown, KY home inspector who will go over everything about the house with you.

4. Be realistic. Most people will spend more than they actually want to just to get that house. If the house is really at a price that you cannot afford, there are probably a few houses that are within your budget. Check them out instead.

5. Try to get pre-approved first. Call a few banks or go online to see how much you qualify for. Then subtract 20% from that amount and just choose houses within this bracket. This way, you can be sure that you will not find your pockets and bank accounts empty and will still be able to afford the monthly payments.

There, these tricks and tips will definitely help you find the house that is within your budget. Buying a house is definitely one ride that you will never forget and once payments are done, you can be sure that you will smile knowing that you can sleep in your own house.

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