Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BiteSize Catering: Fun In Bite Sized Food And More

Skewered Fruits On Stick
When you talk with Kristy, caterer of BiteSize Catering, you will feel right at home. And when you feel right at home, you'll want food that tastes like it came from a secret recipe that has been passed down for several generations. Good food and good times go hand in hand so if it’s catering that you need for your next event, be it a family gathering or an event (big or small), think of BiteSize Catering.

BiteSize Catering has been around since 2011 but they've already become a crowd favorite. Their best sellers like the macaroni and cheese cupcakes, warm turkey sandwiches, chipotle burgers, and their wide array of grilled meats are often gobbled up with gusto as soon as they are laid out on the table. Because they are mainly a catering business, Kristy works closely with her customers to customize what they want to have at their event.
"I find out what people like then create a menu they'll love."
It is because of this that BiteSize Catering has no specific menu. She wants to make sure that customers are treated like royalty and will be able to express themselves when they decide what food they want at their event. She also offers highly sought-after dishes like their pulled pork, burgers, and warm sandwiches because it is cheaper for the customer. Not only is she concerned with her customer's best interest, she makes sure that each dish arrives on location still piping hot.
Fried pizza from BiteSize Catering
Kristy had to obtain certifications and get qualified by the Lincoln Trail Health Department and the state of Kentucky before starting BiteSize Catering. We can rest assured that dishes from BiteSize Catering have undergone strict quality control before reaching our plates.

Kristy enjoys meeting new people and loves food. Business this year has been even better than last year and they're being asked to participate in several events. They have events already booked so make sure that you contact BiteSize Catering right away to have your Elizabethtown event or party catered. With nowhere to go but up, BiteSize Catering is sure to warm everyone's hearts and tummies since good food goes hand in hand with good company.
"Ultimately I would like to have a fixed location and still bring my little trailer to festivals and events."
You can reach BiteSize Catering at 502-554-5592 or Be sure to check out BiteSize Catering on Facebook.

BiteSize Catering will travel to your event and bring the kitchen to you. Some of the areas served are Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Fort Knox, Vine Grove, Rineyville, Hardin County, and Meade County. Call or email to see if they serve your area.

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