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More Than A Realtor... That's Tara Still of

It doesn't take more than a few minutes to figure out why Ms. Tara Still is successful and good at what she does as a Realtor. Everything that she says is something to be admired and pondered over. As a real estate agent with, she knows how precious time is for everyone; so she makes sure that all her clients' needs are met at all times or she simply will not be content.

When asked how long she has been working with, she will proudly say three years, but the words of wisdom and expertise she shares, will almost seem like you are talking with someone who has been in the real estate business for decades. For Ms. Tara, you can easily tell that she really adores her career because of the way she talks about it so positively. She doesn't find the job hard at all even though there are about 350 agents in the area. She has stayed busy since she started with the real estate business and there are no plans of her slowing down anytime soon.

As with all things in life, there will be some hindrances and obstacles to overcome and the field of real estate is not spared. For Ms Tara, she says,
 “The banks and the banking laws these days are definitely challenging…they change a lot. Lenders are very specific on different things they need so; I think that’s the biggest challenge. ...that everything is going smoothly.“

Being a self-confessed people person, she blankly points out that she has been blessed with never facing a hard customer or client in the past. “If you make people difficult to deal with and you think they are difficult to deal with, then they just are.” She just makes sure that the buyers’ best interests are always met. The trick, according to Ms. Tara is to figure out the needs and wants of buyers and to understand that they want someone who will try to get them a good deal.
She gets a majority of her listings from friends and through referrals and always keeps a look out for new homes on the market. She knows a lot of people in the community so 9 out of 10 times, she is recommended to her home sellers. She does not lead her clients to just her listings and always understands that it is always up to the buyer which house they want.

The best part of being a Realtor, according to Ms. Tara is that she owns her time and that she can choose when she wants to be busy or to slow down. This is a plus because a few months down the road, she and her husband will be adopting a baby and she is hiring an assistant to help when those “mommy” moments occur.

For aspiring realtors, Ms. Tara just calmly says to, “trust in God really, that’s the biggest thing, have their faith, whatever their faith is…and if they believe that God is leading them to do that and He is opening doors for them, then they should enter into it… So as long as you trust God and you know what God wants…that’s the biggest recommendation I can give…”
When asked if her career did not enter the real estate world, she proudly shares that she would be in interior decorating.

Ms. Tara Still is definitely a big asset to but she is also very thankful for the world of opportunities that has happened to her since being with the company. The company has a massive internet presence and many of her buyers find her through the website.

To see Elizabethtown KY real estate for sale, visit Tara Still can be contacted directly at 270-268-3848.
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