Monday, June 9, 2008

Selling your Kentucky House? New commission plans are here

HardinHomes has revised its full service RE/MAX home selling commission pricing plans to make it easier on you the home seller. We are offering the full package and the house seller gets to choose which real estate commission plan works best for his/her situation.

1) The first option is to pay 4% of the selling price when the deal is done (at closing/settlement) and pay nothing upfront.

2) The second option is for the serious seller and saver. The home seller only pays 3% at closing and pays $695 upfront.

Let's assume your Fort Knox Kentucky area home sells for $200,000. Traditionally you might pay 6% which would be $12,000. With our 4% plan, the commission is $8,000 which is paid using the proceeds from the house. With the 3% plan you can save an additional $1,305 by paying the $695 upfront (1% - $695 = $1,305).

Don't pay 6%
  6% = $12,000
  4% = $8,000 (save $4,000)
  3% = $6,695 (save $5,305 even after paying the $695 upfront fee)

We're excited about these new options to save Fort Knox KY home sellers money, we hope you like them. Tell us what you think and what other options you would like to see.

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