Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Viewing homes near Elizabethtown and Fort Knox Kentucky

You have found some homes in the Fort Knox Kentucky area and you are itching to go look at them. Before embarking on your quest, there are a few things that you should do to prepare. Ask your Kentucky REALTOR to provide you with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing sheets. You can look these documents over as you tour the properties close to Fort Knox. You may also wish to take a digital camera, flashlight, tape measure, pen/pencil and notebook.

The MLS listing sheets will have the vital information of the homes. Square footage, year of construction, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and much more information will be located on these sheets. You may wish to compare the information on the sheet to the actual home. Sometimes erroneous information is listed and this should be cleared up when you tour, or shortly thereafter.

Use the notebook to save any questions you may have regarding the homes and any additional information you require such as utility costs and taxes. You may also wish to make notes of your likes and dislikes, i.e. proximity to Fort Knox. I suggest my buyers rank the homes as we look so they always know which one is their favorite and which ones are the backups. Take photos of the rooms, yard, and other features to refresh your memory when you later discuss the home.

You should have a flashlight because sometimes the electric is off, and also it may be needed to make cursory inspections of attics and crawl spaces or other dark areas in the home. A full blown home inspection comes after you have a contract on the house. Note any apparent water marks on the ceiling, floor joists or walls. You will want to find out what caused the marks, and what, if any repairs were made.

When done touring homes, you need to discuss your questions with your Elizabethtown Kentucky real estate agent. If you've found the home you want, it's now time to review all the information, decide how much of an earnest money deposit will be acceptable, and make an offer. Sometimes a property is sold as-is so take a careful look at the property disclosure statement(s) with your real estate agent. The disclosure statements are filled out by the property owner and should list any defects of which the owner is aware. If the home was constructed before 1978 there should also be a lead paint disclosure which the seller has filled out. In this document the sellers must disclose any knowledge they have of lead paint used in the home.

The home buying process may seem a bit daunting at first but a good REALTOR can guide you through and help you maximize your investment.

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