Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saving Time and Gas when Shopping Fort Knox Kentucky Homes

Are you about to hit the pavement looking for a new Kentucky home? The search for a home can involve many trips in the car as you drive around to find potential properties. Here are some strategies that will help you to save time and gas during the home search.

1. The Internet. Using an Internet search engine like Google to find a Hardin County house for sale is without a doubt the most efficient way to proceed. Unlike the real estate section of the local newspaper, good real estate websites help you narrow your selection. You're able to filter the results then browse the listings that are automatically returned.

2. Consult a real estate agent. One trip to the office of a real estate agent or broker will provide you with a free session to obtain listings that meet your buying requirements and give you valuable advice. You are not charged to access this information or to follow up with questions later. A good real estate agent, but especially a Realtor licensed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), will provide as much information as requested with the anticipation that you will return later for Realtor assistance when buying the home.
Again, searching online for a Fort Knox Kentucky Realtor is the best option because you're more likely to find a good agent who is web savvy. Roughly 85% of buyers use the internet during the home buying process (probably higher in our market due to military relocation), it's highly likely that a web savvy agent will have vast experience from completing many transactions.

3. Use email, text messaging, or phone to contact your agent about specific properties. Real estate professionals can consult the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to find out if a property is still available and read through the listing to see if it really meets your needs.

Because real estate professionals provide free advice, they are best prepared to deliver valuable information that streamlines your property search. Wasting gas looking at homes that don’t meet your needs is not necessary in a high-priced energy market (it's not really green either). Take advantage of the real estate advice and online search sites at your disposal to make your Fort Knox KY military home search as convenient as possible.

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