Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feedback is great for home sellers but not 2 weeks after the showing

An agent's assistant leaves me a voicemail requesting feedback for one of her sellers: "Hi, I'm calling to get feedback for your June 17th showing..."

How valuable is my feedback if I can't even remember the home because it took you weeks to follow up? If an agent is going to wait that long to call for feedback then she obviously just trying to pacify the seller.

There are simple tools (many agents already use) that will send an email requesting feedback (with a property survey form) right after the showing. Agents can stop chasing buyer agents around requesting it via phone. If I get an email requesting feedback, I can answer anytime. It's much harder to reach me during the day when I have tons of other things going on.

Clients are emailing, scanning, texting, etc. and expect their agents to be technically proficient. or the full showing service we use


Anonymous said...

No matter which way you do your feedback, via phone or email, you still get very few agents who return feedback -- so you just have to know the local agents and who responds well to your personal phone call and who responds to email. Not all agents are tech savvy -- you do realize some don't even have email!

commercial real estate said...

..most of them doesn't give feedbacks..