Monday, March 15, 2010

Buyers not impressed with USAA MoversAdvantage Program

Here are some USAA MoversAdvantage agent reviews on USAA's very own website.

It's a HUGE money maker for USAA. Let's assume you buy a new home for $245,000 (5% comm). USAA will get $4,287 and only give you $950.

The agent they will set you up with is just a local agent. I'm not doubting that there are a few stellar agents but I know many of these USAA "preferred agents" around Fort Knox Kentucky and they're average at best. One prospective buyer told me that USAA pushed and pushed him to use one of "their agents" even though he continually told them he was already working with me.

Review summaries: (
-- "USAA-certified Realtor" was not good
-- a Kansas buyer never even got the cash back
-- real estate agents should be screened better
-- spent the "cash back" money on a hotel because the USAA agent messed up the deal
-- program is an outright joke
-- agent had to have his daughter take digital pictures because he didn't know how

So if you like our home search website ask about our USAA matching program. You shouldn't feel like you have to use one of USAA's "preferred agents".

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Kentucky Houses said...

It says a lot about the condition of the industry in terms of how well realtors are trained and educated.