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Leo's Donuts and Coffee - A Fun Place To Hangout And Have Donuts And Coffee

Leo’s Donuts and Coffee – A Fun Place To Hangout And Have Donuts And Coffee

When donuts come to mind for the residents of Radcliff KY, many people conjure up images of police officers happily munching on these sweet and unique creations. As the owner of Leo’s Donuts and Coffee House, this is the main reason they named their business, a donut and coffee specialty shop – Leo’s. Basically Leo’s is actually an acronym for Law Enforcement Officer. Their shop does not cater to police officers alone of course; they cater to everyone and happily accommodate each and every single customer that enters this quaint and cozy donut shop through the doors or through their drive-thru window.

Beginnings and Donuts 

Kids love Leo's cereal donuts
Having just opened last November 2012, it has really been a busy place since the first day it opened. This is great news because everyone can use a community gathering place to just relax, enjoy the music, enjoy the weather, and of course their specialty coffee and donut creations one can only find at Leo’s Donut and Coffee House. As Mr. Shortt said, “…it was very busy from the very beginning.” The Shortts have purchased the building where it stands and made this place welcoming to anyone who wants a place to unwind, meet with family and friends, and to devour the donuts that are always freshly made on a daily basis. They use the freshest and best ingredients that they can source and make sure that each customer who walks in will feel like king of the day. The donuts alone are to die for with toppings such as iced raspberry, red velvet, bacon maple, and even cereal donuts.

Leo's Donuts And Coffee House Is Jam Packed 

Leo’s Donuts and Coffee is situated close to Fort Knox and because of this, it enjoys a very high traffic where people come in to purchase one or a box of donuts. You can be sure that around mid-morning till after lunch that this place can be found filled to the brim with all kinds of customers. Another perk they offer is the free WIFI that many customers find very useful when snacking on donuts and checking in on their emails and site surfing. Leo’s Donuts and Coffee House is a definite welcome to the Radcliff neighborhood and kids are always all smiles when inside the store.

Leo’s Donuts and Coffee also specializes in coffee and one of their top sellers is the Leo’s Mocha that enjoys a robust and awakening experience to anyone who orders this. You can be sure that all of their coffee creations are made with the highest quality of beans that are sourced directly so the flavors are jumping and just wrap around your mouth like a burst of freshness.

Donuts And Locations 

If you are not in the Radcliff, KY area, don’t lose hope as Mr. Terry Shortt and his wife are already brainstorming ideas on the next possible location for the second shop. Of course, you can always hop on over at their store and you can be sure that you will be welcomed with open arms and of course a fresh batch of donuts and specialty coffee.

A True Meeting Place - Leo's Donuts And Coffee House

So, what really makes this business stand out is that they are the only one that can be called a “true meeting place” for everyone in the community as they welcome the place as a hangout place for meetings with a covered patio and even a dining area. They will soon host a book signing event by a local author named John Flanagan this 4th of May and everyone is invited to come in and meet the author himself while enjoying that most sought after donuts that Leo’s Donuts and Coffee House is popular for. This is a joint event with The Book Store and John Flanagan will be there to share his experiences as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.

The Happy Place To Have Donuts

As Mr. Terry Shortt says, Leo’s Donuts and Coffee House is a “fun place to come and have coffee and donuts with your friends.” Don’t delay and see what the entire rave is about this donut shop that is putting Radcliff KY on the map across the nation. You will definitely not be disappointed and will most definitely come out with smiles right across your face while happily munching on a box of Leo’s Donuts and Coffee House.

Leo’s Donuts and Coffee House is located at 605 N. Wilson Rd., Radcliff, Kentucky. They can contacted at 270-352-2283. Their store hours are Monday - Friday 6:00am-5:00pm and 8:00am-4:00pm Saturdays. Check them out also at Be sure to "Like" them on Facebook.

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