Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kim Shortt of TW Shortt Realty - Service Above Self Always

When times do not call for the need to own a house or if one cannot commit themselves to owning a house, renting is always the number one choice for couples and even families. Owning a house during a time full of uncertainty can sometimes be a security ticket or it can be a dream gone wrong. Finding that perfect house used to be so hard before the age of the internet and you would have to go through several ads in the paper to find listings. Nowadays, there are wonderful real estate companies that take the pain out of finding a house and help take away the worry of finding one to temporarily call your own.

This is Kim Shortt of TW Shortt Realty. As the principal broker of property management for TW Shortt Realty, she has been in the business for 11 years.

With a friendly and warm voice, you can tell that she really makes the effort to ensure that her clients will be able to open up to her and share what kind of house they are looking to rent. In TW Shortt Realty, she claims that:

“Business has been pretty good in general; we have a lot of local people renting from us and we have military renting from us as well. It’s pretty steady for this area.”

Being exposed to the real estate business from childhood, her family has been in the business for around 30 years; it is safe to say that real estate knowledge is her forte. Believe it or not, Ms. Kim started out her career in banking for over 8 years before she finally decided that the world of real estate business would be where she would be at home. She can give you BAH rates for a specific year without batting an eye, she confesses that her biggest challenge on a daily basis would be, “trying to find something (house) in a school district that a family would need. Typically, they're looking for a house to rent based on a certain school district.”

When talking about what makes her real estate career a blessing, she proudly says that it would be the internet because “it makes everything so much easier for clients that it's basically a self-service.” Of course that doesn't mean that Ms. Kim will not be there to help potential clients through the entire process.  In fact, she states that if she did not find herself in real estate, she would still want a career in:

“Customer service, helping someone else, maybe the accounting end of finding a property or being able to balance their financial goals…something in the financial world.”

Even as a Realtor, her main focus is property management. TW Shortt Realty gets around 85% of their business from their website, word-of-mouth, Google, previous clients who have rented from their listings and from a military off-post housing network that they are a member of. Having technology on her side, makes it easier for the business to be available for customers with a click of a button at any time.

With deep thought, she says that there are not any major costs aside from small things when it comes to running the business. She also states that “property management” is the number one strength of TW Shortt Realty.

When asked what makes TW Shortt Realty different from other property management businesses in the area, she proudly states,

“It’s our level of commitment to our clients, our technology, and the fact that we have a lot of contacts in the area that we have built up over the years…everything just really runs smoothly when you have a lot of  advocates and people working on your side…you have a good service level.”

Some advice from Ms. Kim Shortt that anyone can use when it comes to starting any business or just in life in general is,

 “To get up every day, be happy about what you are doing, and treat people how you want to be treated.”

Make sure to check out rental properties with TW Shortt Realty if now is not the time to buy a house. To end this article, a quote from a young actress Beth Behrs: